Monday, August 3, 2009

Vote for Trixie's Scrap Stars... and a Freebie!!

Round 3 of the Battle of the CTs over at DigiScrap Addicts is now complete and open for voting! Wow, this battle is going by so fast! This round was fun, but a real challenge. Round 3 was titled "Scrap By Numbers." Each team had to come up with a formula to scrap by, using the numbers 1-10. Each number corresponded with the number of a certain item which had to be used on the page. We were having such a hard time coming up with a list, we had Trixie Scraps herself challenge us with a list... after a couple tweaks, we had the perfect formula! Our team decided on a theme of "10 Things I Love About ..." and then we could each choose our subject.

Here was the formula we each followed:
10 fonts
9 buttons
8 pieces of stitching
7 flowers
6 papers
5 strings
4 ribbons
3 glitter splats
2 alphas
1 photo

And, here is a look at each of our layouts - the team did AWESOME this week!! We're all really proud of taking on this challenge and doing so well at it!

Even Trixie got in the act this week and did a "sidelines" layout, to show her support for the challenge! It doesn't count for the voting, but here is a look at her layout, too!
Once again, we are asking - will you please vote for us?? Voting can be found HERE and our team name is Trixie's Scrap Stars. You don't need to be a member of DSA in order to vote, however, if you voted last week (Thanks!), you may need to clear your internet cookies before you can vote this week. And of course, to thank you for voting for us this week, I have the third part of the new freebie kit Trixie Scraps designed - click on the preview below to download! Thanks so much for supporting our team - it really does mean a lot to us!

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