Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Taking a step back....

I had a family birthday party to attend over the weekend. My cousin Kelsey turned 11. She feels more like a niece to me, though, because of the age difference. My oldest son is actually 6 months older than her. Anyway, I asked her mom if she had any ideas for a gift for Kelsey, or if she would rather have cash. Cash was the answer, which totally works for me, because it's just so darn easy. I altered this notebook to give her along with the cash, because I just love altering notebooks and journals of any kind. I figured that type of thing is perfect for an 11 year old girl, too. I think she liked it!
On another note, I have been giving some thought to my blog. I have kind of lost the drive to post consistently. I enjoy looking at so many other blogs, but I don't feel like I have anything new to offer. So I may just post less frequently or take a break altogether, I haven't really decided yet. Just thought I'd mention it, in case anyone wonders where I went. Maybe things will change again once school starts, and I have more time to breathe... :)
Happy stamping!

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Mercy said...

i totally understand how you feel. it wasn't long ago that i felt the same way. i was gently reminded that my blog is my own place, my very own type of therapy. if you need a break, walk away from it so you can get a new perspective...but always remember that your loyal readers will always come back.
i will be checking in on you to find out what you decide. until then...just breathe.