Friday, July 27, 2007

Deb needs...

I saw this game about a week ago on Emily's blog, and since then I've seen it on several other blogs. To play, you just type in your name + needs (use quotation marks to narrow down the search) in a search engine to see the first 10 phrases that show up as a result. Some of them are pretty funny. Here is what my search came up with:

  1. Deb needs help with whole words.
  2. Deb needs a desk.
  3. Deb needs to know how much food to have on hand.
  4. Deb needs the support of the administration to assist her.
  5. Deb needs your help!
  6. Deb needs lots more instruments.
  7. Deb needs to get her own style. (This one made me laugh!)
  8. Deb needs a revelation when a grisly axe murderer kills a man and demolishes his computer. (EEK! This is about some fiction book.)
  9. Deb needs her business to replace the income of a full time job before she can leave.
  10. Deb needs healing.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Lynn Mercurio said...

That's too funny. Thanks for the laugh!

Jules said...

They made me smile, thank you :0)

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