Monday, May 28, 2007

A sassy surprise!

I have been having fun with some 3D projects over the last few days. Here is a fun little gift I made for my aunt. I hope it makes her smile, she could use it, as she is going through chemo right now. I used the Sassy designer paper from Stampin' Up that I have had for several years. I am terrible about using my designer paper, I have a mini panic attack just thinking about it being all gone! This Sassy paper is retired too, so once it's gone, there is no more! But I love how bright and cheerful it is, and I thought it was perfect for my aunt. The notebook is from Wal-Mart, a steal at 25 cents. The pop-top can came from Wal-Mart as well. You have to be careful to look for a can that doesn't have the rounded edge on the bottom. A safety can opener won't work on that type of can.

This is the first pop-top can I have done, but it was fun and easy. I cut off the bottom of the can with the safety can opener, washed it out really well and put a little package of chocolate caramels inside. Then I reattached the bottom of the can using Crystal Effects. I put a heavy book on top of the can overnight to make sure it would stick well. I traced the top of the can onto the back of my designer paper, then cut it out just inside the line. It was trial and error to fit the paper around the tab on top. First I tried a 1/2 circle punch, then I just had to keep trimming until it fit.

For the notebook, I kept it fairly simple since the paper is so bold and bright. The only part that took some time was taking the spiral wire out so the paper would go all the way to the top. I just straightened out the end of the wire and turned until it came off. Then I cut the paper to size, glued it on the cover, and punched the holes with a small circle punch. The wire went back on quite easily. To finish it off, I added the layers and embellished with lots of ribbon!

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