Saturday, June 2, 2007

Check out that tongue! (oh, and a card)

Whew, what a day... I'm exhausted! DH and I took the kids to the zoo today ~ we had a wonderful time. I got lots of cute pictures, and all the walking was great exercise. My favorite part was seeing the giraffes, because you can get up close and personal. We fed them special crackers, and they just stick that long tongue out and grab them. Check out that photo! Steve says the giraffe is the "Gene Simmons" of the wild kingdom. LOL!

Unfortunately, I haven't stamped any new cards or projects in a few days. I made this card a while back, but I haven't posted it here before. This card style was created by Cambria Turnbow. You can find an excellent tutorial for Cami's Trifold Card here. I love trying unique card folds, and I especially love the window on this card with that cute little Fluffles peeking through.

That's it for now... Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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